A local business, which has its headquarters in Thame, was a fantastic feature on BBC1’s topical Politics Show yesterday. Shelley Ensor, a local mum and founder of Little Signers Club (www.littlesignersclub.co.uk) was approached to feature on the show to highlight the challenges faced by parents, and particularly mothers, who chose to set up their own companies around their growing families instead of returning to previous employment. With the term “Mumpreneur” now having reached Dictionary status as of last week, Work At Home Mum’s (WAHM) is a growing area of employment opportunity.

Little Signers Club was established in February 2010 and has successfully managed to establish its baby signing business throughout the Home Counties and beyond in the last 18 months. Founder Shelley said “My primary goal with setting up Little Signers Club was to provide affordable working solutions for parents who did not want to return to their previous employment. Being a Licensee for Little Signers Club offers parents an opportunity to realise a significant income with fewer working hours and much more time spent at home with their small children.” Having trained over 20 mums to become Little Signers Club teachers in the last 18 months, the company’s success speaks for itself.

Baby signing is the use of gestures to help babies and toddlers communicate before speech begins. At just 6 months old, a baby’s motor skills are sufficiently developed enough to make simple gestures, enabling them to bridge the communication gap and show their parents what they need.  To put this into perspective, at 12-15 months babies will only have around ten words – most of which will be unclear leading to frustration for toddlers as they try to communicate using their just-developing speech. If they can use simple signs life becomes so much easier because they are understood much faster.

Ben, baby signing Daddy to Fin, commented, “Who wouldn’t want their child to be the first amongst their peers to be communicating, to be the most chilled out, to be the happiest and to have a real head-start?”
Little Signers Club provides baby signing classes throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire; Signing is a great introduction to communication for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Classes are not only great fun and a special bonding experience, but also a fantastic way to make new friends in the local community.

Our MD here at Thame TV also joined Shelley Ensor at her fantastic classes with her daughter Sofia from just seven months old and said that “Baby signing gave Sofia such confidence, and I believe has given her great foundations to build her language on. Her language skills are amazing, and she is often mistaken as being much older because of her ability to communicate so clearly and confidently with both other children and adults alike. I would recommend Little Signers Club to everyone!”

For more information about joining Little Signers Club or baby signing classes near you, please contact info@littlesignersclub.co.uk or see www.littlesignersclub.co.uk