It’s nearly that time of year again, the start of a new fiscal year when we try to save as much as possible and strive for new business…  We met with Nick Proctor, a young local Entrepreneur who set up Amber Energy to help businesses reduce the amount of energy they use and encourage them to lower carbon emissions. Fantastic for you, and great for the environment! Nick has helped a number of businesses nation wide to really cut back on the energy they use, and saved them further outlay by finding a provider which was right for them.

This video was created for The Barclays “Take one small step” competition, but we also think it provides a great insight into his company and services. If you are a small to medium enterprise looking to save money, and keep your interests local, why not speak to Nick Proctor? In the meantime, take two minutes to watch the video and find out more about Nick and his brilliant company.