Us mum’s are always looking for something engaging, fun and educational for our children, particularly when we’re coming up to the long summer school break, and I believe we’ve found the perfect thing! Oliver Blanc and Charlotte Salt created the fantastic informative and engaging new app, Henri Le Worm, to encourage children aged between three and eight to engage with food and nature in a positive and playful way.

The app was launched it at Haddenham Primary School earlier this year with fantastic feedback from all the children. Click above to see the video of the launch, watch Raymond Blanc’s simple cookery demonstration, and find out more about Henri’s world.

The fantastic App includes ten fun and easy recipes created by Raymond Blanc, which my children adore! Kids also really connect with the wonderful story and eight hilarious characters narrated by Simon Pegg. As a mum, I was impressed by the healthy choices, and facts about food nature and insects. The music also really helps to engage children – and really sticks in your mind, and there is a fully interactive garden to explore – based on the garden at Le Manoir.

We’d really recommend this as one of your tools for keeping the kids happy this summer! Go to or email for more information. Enjoy!

Emma Lowndes for Thame TV