Regulars to Thame TV will know that we support the Matt Hampson Foundation in conjunction with Scissor Paper Stone Ltd as  one of our chosen national charities. We do so as we believe they are unique in the support, advice and help they can give young people seriously injured through sport. This year, the foundation released their new campaign to focus the minds on those they provide so much for, to move forward with their life, and to get busy living. This video showcases the importance of supporting the foundation, and the difference their support really makes to those injured and their families.
We feel the Foundation is fairly unique in that they have tried to make applying for help as straightforward as possible for potential beneficiaries. Matt’s experiences over the years have meant he has a good idea of people’s needs and ultimately he has the final decision on who we help and to what degree.

The Foundation commented that “there is no official application for support, Matt and his family found that filling in form after form applying for help is the last thing people want and need to be doing when trying to come to terms with a catastrophic injury such as Matt’s in 2005.

Energy should be concentrated on an individual’s recovery etc, therefore we require no form filling. We endeavour to meet all potential beneficiaries and if Matt is unable to one of our senior team members or representatives will do so. Henry Fraser our first beneficiary and now representative of the foundation visits people on our behalf and reports back to our Grant giving committee to make their decision. Henry like Matt has been through a similar experience and is therefore in a position to give an informed decision on the level of help required.

The support network of our beneficiaries and their families wanting to help us is growing all the time and is a real strength of the Foundation. The sharing of knowledge and experiences is so important and one which we believe is key in helping people come to terms with their injury and give them both the inspiration and motivation to Get Busy Living”

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