Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Katy Hymas founder and creator of the award winning Mumlin. Katy is based out of Haddenham and designed the Mumlin after having her twin boys as she recognised a gap in the market. She designed the beuatiful and practical Mumlin to replace the tired, unattractive muslins all mum’s know and use regularly after finding they always slipped off her shoulder when burping two babies, and could not find a stylish or attractive alternative.

Since then, the Mumlin has gone from strength to strength. They are available in packs of three, one to use, one for the change bag and one for the wash, from www.mumlin.co.uk. As a new mum (for the second time) they have become a must-have item, beautiful and practical – just what every mum needs!

Take a look at our video to see our interview with Katy and a look at the Mumlin in action!