Every now and again were are blessed with a fantastic project which really pulls local people and businesses together, and working on the Barr Kitchens Christmas Dish Off was one of those Gems.

Planned and produced in just two weeks for release in early December, the Dish Off was a great success and thoroughly enjoyable to work on. As a celebration of all the hard work and the fantastic day, we’ve put together a short outtakes / behind the scenes video to showcase what it’s like to work on such a complex project.

This footage also showcases the great talent we have access to locally, from the wonderful (and hilarious) presenter Cat, our brilliantly talented Cameraman Jonathan Beech, and very hard working crew for which we are truly thankful.

On the day of the shoot the four fabulous chefs were a joy to work with, and very patient with the painstakingly planned schedule from our director; Matt joined us from local award winning gastro-pub The Hundred at Ashendon, Ros and Hen cooked a winning recipe from inspirational cookery school, Hampton Cookery and Dr Kim Lloyd gave us some delicious yet healthy recipe’s from the brilliant Paleo food company, Ugg Foods.

We were also honoured to have a perfect selection of food loving locals for our panel of judges; Thame Mayor Nichola Dixon, brilliantly supportive of local talent (and delicious food) The super sponsors Julie from AGA and Joanne from Miele, without whom the shoot would not have been possible, and the man himself Stuart Barr.

All painstakingly pieced together at Barr Kitchens who’s team worked tirelessly behind the scenes with our Director to get everything together for the big shoot. A really enjoyable day for us all.