The journey up to Long Crendon Primary School was akin to a fairytale this morning. Fluffy ears mischievously peeped out of hooded jackets, shaggy tails swished beneath coats, and jingling leads and sparkling dog tags glinted in the sunshine as children (and parents) bounded up the school pathway.


A break from the office for MD Emma and her two year old Son


Long Crendon Primary children always put on a good show for World Book Day but this year was an exception as the whole school was invited by year 5 pupil Emma Morris to dress as a dog for the day. Emma has always dreamed of being a world record holder, and she brought the idea for the event to the school.

The school needed as many adults and children as possible to join in on the day in their attempt to break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as dogs. The aim was to beat the magic number of 265, and everyone was encouraged to come along for the fun.


All years were invited to take part in the World Record attempt today

There was a fantastic feeling of support and community spirit in the run up to the event, encouraged by the PTA and the schools excellent promotions. Long Crendon Primary sent newsletters, put up posters and gave important advice on how best to make costumes for the attempt, even holding a special ear making workshop in the school Art Room the day before the event.

As 9am came around, each year group filed into the main hall along with Long Crendon Pre-school, parents and teachers, and local community support officers and Guinness World Records officials were there to count us all in. The bell was rang by head Sue Stamp, and the five minute holding time commenced with a prize for the best costume for each year, and parents, with fantastic prizes sponsored by Thame Service Station 

After five minutes, and a brief interview with Radio Oxford, Head Mrs Stamp announced the final numbers, and that the school had smashed the previous record of 265 by a whopping 162 people, and now hold the new world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as dogs at 427.


The winning crowd – from a parents perspective! (Click on image to enlarge) 

Emma Morris and her mother were called up on stage at the end of the event in recognition of her brilliant idea for the event, and to give thanks for her mothers fantastic organisational skills in pulling this together.

Congratulations to all involved!