We would like to thank the following people for making the launch of Thame TV possible:

Jonathan Beech, Matt Rye, Jac Stevens and all the team at our parent company www.scissorpaperstone.tvwww.anna-mcdonald.com
Biagio A. Patalano www.biagiothejewellers.com
Adam Buckland www.brothers-uk.com
John Clark from www.colorscan.uk.com in High Wycombe
Nicky Noakes www.freerange-fashion.co.uk
Andy McDonald www.ithame.com and www.lifelyte.co.uk
Sally Dorling www.marketingfoods.co.uk
Frazer Sutherland www.peachpubs.com www.thethatchthame.co.uk,www.thejamesfiggthame.co.uk
Simon Martin www.racquets-fitness-centre.com
Valerie Chaplin www.stoneworld.co.uk
Sonja Francis www.thamenews.net www.thame.net
Karl White, www.thameservicestation.co.uk
Sally Dickinson www.whatscookingthame.co.uk